About Robin Davis

Ms. Davis began her professional career as a CPA at a New York City accounting firm, servicing small to medium sized clients in the manufacturing and real estate industries. Olympia and York, the world’s then-largest commercial landlord and real estate developer, eventually recruited her. While hired to handle the accounting and property management of the World Financial Center, in New York City, her interest in the acquisition and financing of the business led her to financial modeling. During her tenure, not only did she condense a high volume of superfluous information into key documents that contained only critical information and key performance indicators, but she also developed new strategies and procedures that allowed key officials the ability to see daily project costs that resulted in projects being completed on time and within budget. Regardless of the phase of production, the management team was always aware of real time costs. The success of this project led to introduction to the Head of Worldwide Construction at Olympia and York and Ms. Davis joined Olympia & York’s Canary Wharf Project in London as the Head of Tenant Construction. It was the largest multi-billion dollar construction project to date. As the financial and administrative head of Tenant Construction, she led a team of Project Managers, Computer Programmers, and Accountants in cost management for this new division. The systems and procedures developed by her teams formed the basis of tools used on subsequent international projects. Thereafter, Ms. Davis chose to combine her talents and experience to work in a more “hands-on” capacity with a variety of businesses, and continued to develop effective solutions for each unique consulting engagement. Instead of working in a big firm capacity, she chose to work exclusively with a few select clients on a regular basis. Ms Davis’s clients have been heavily focused in the Construction industry, but her success has led to engagements across many industries. Her gift for getting to the “bottom line” both financially and procedurally, asking key questions, and quickly devising a strategic plan for accomplishing company goals has afforded her the opportunity to work in many fields including manufacturing, distribution, and entertainment, and internet start-ups.  


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