The Robin Davis Company is a small firm in practice, but a large firm at heart. With Robin Davis you’ll experience a hands-on and intimate approach from a highly experienced financial management expert. Enjoy the contacts and connections of a larger firm without the hassle and frustration of working with one. Not only do you get a “hands-on,” intimate approach from an incredibly experienced financial management executive, but you also get the connections and contacts that would typically come with a larger firm. The Robin Davis Company will guide you through the process of making your business more profitable and efficient, while connecting you with peers and relevant parties that will help your business flourish.  


The resources at the Robin Davis Company have long held relationships with industry leading service firms. Our experience and reputation affords us the opportunity to works with the best in the banking, insurance, bonding, accounting and legal profession. When your firm requires outside resources let our experience connect you with exactly who you need.  

CFO / Controller

With Robin Davis you get the benefit of the most highly trained and experienced CFO/Controller, at the cost and capacity that best fits your company’s needs. Similar to the concept of “private jet sharing”, you enjoy the services of a high-end executive, that only a large company could afford, at a price you can justify. Robin Davis provides your team with the guidance necessary to efficiently and effectively get their job done and implement the correct processes for a new CFO or controller. The Robin Davis Company functions as a part of the management team, guiding you through the process of creating streamlined, efficient operating procedures, and providing analysis and reporting that will grow your business.  


As a licensed CPA in New York State, Ms. Davis formerly practiced in New York City. Not only will she provide you with regular Financial Statements prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), but she will read between the lines to make sure your management team has relevant, up-to-date cash flow information. As such, this will reduce any outside accounting fees you may currently incur, and help make your practices more efficient for the future. In addition, banking and bonding relationships will improve because of  the added confidence arising from the knowledge that a CPA is acting as your CFO/Controller, and that your financial reporting is accurate and consistently prepared. This is especially key for Construction companies because of the attention that is paid to Work In Progress (WIP) schedules.  

Software Optimization

Companies experience many challenges with their systems. Some outgrow them, some never put them in place correctly and some do not keep up with changes available over time. The Robin Davis Company will examine your existing computer systems, find ways for you to use them to their maximum benefit, recommend solutions that will maximize your technological assets and insure appropriate growth. Using real-world experience and a client-centric focus, the Robin Davis Company delivers advanced software solutions that drastically enhance business performance.  

Technical Specialties

Through the years Robin has worked with many industry leading applications from those as simple as Quickbooks Proand Peachtree to ERP systems like Timberline, Computerease, Foundation, Maxwell, Master Builder, etc. She has the expertise to master any system faster than a typical resource and can take that knowledge and impart it to your staff. To learn more, contact Robin Davis.


Software Optimization
Relationship Building

Software Proficiencies

Master Builder