Brian Silver, Chief Financial Officer at Gray – I.C.E. Builders, Inc.

I have personally worked with Robin Davis and her consulting company since 1998. When our company had software issues, uncommon reporting requirements, or special compliance filings, Robin swung into action to solve our problems. Robin handled our initial software installation, has written dozens of custom reports, managed our payroll tax filings and has assisted us in monthly and year-end closings of financial statements for many years. Robin adds value to our company by bringing her unique skill set of being a top-notch systems/process consultant and a CPA. This special combination enables her to provide solutions to our challenges that solve our problems while taking into consideration the big picture of how this solution fits into improving our business. Robin treats us as her number 1 priority whenever we call on her. Her rates are reasonable and I always feel that the value we received exceeds the price I paid.

Bryant Gillins, Financial Controller – G & G Air Conditioning

Robin Davis became involved in our business during a time of transition and anxiety. After having just begun the shift to a new accounting software package, we learned that our controller had been misreporting information and falsifying financial statements and tax returns. Assets were levied by the BOE and without prior knowledge of any problems we were reeling. Robin was willing to come in on a weekend and help us dig through a huge mess of files and try to get a grip on how bad the situation really was. She was able to get in and bridge the gaps we had between software, operations and management and advise knowledgably on what steps our recovery plan should take. Then she was there to help implement those changes. Robin’s background in accounting and finance as well as her experience in the contracting industry made her an invaluable resource to our 66 year old family business. She has a broad exposure to general business that helped us to break some of the old, myopic habits and problems that plague a third generation company. Her bold and confident style helped pull us out of our difficulties and get things on the right track. Now, 9 years later, she continues to be an invaluable asset to our company who can play a flexible role to suit our changing needs. Robin’s skill set is diverse. She can provide the valuable tools that are needed to create quantifiable change to help your business realize the profitability you’re lacking. I know, because she helped us.

Glenn Gelman, Managing Director at Gelman & Associates, Certified Public Accountants

Robin Davis sees outside the box. She is far beyond a “consultant” and far beyond a typical CFO or CPA. Robin is a problem solver. One of Robin’s strengths is calling it like she sees it and she is not afraid to identify the tough problems and offer solutions. If your business is hurting or humming along Robin can either turn it around or make it even more profitable. Robin loves to roll up her sleeves and work hard at solutions while never losing sight of the overall goals. I highly recommend her to help your business identify it’s goals, and create a long term vision. She is also outstanding at creating accounting solutions for the financial reporting needs of companies. Robin Davis is a creative professional who offers practical results where others just talk about obstacles.

Glenn West, Alliance Solutions Group

I have worked with Robin Davis for years. She has unique ability to understand and communicate financial management, complex software systems, real life process management and to bring them all together in a way that can help a struggling firm transform into a well-managed company.

Mary Watkins, Pyramid Builders

We first started working with Robin Davis in 2000 when we began converting our software over to a new system. She started out as a consultant, but became an invaluable part of our team. Besides implementing software, she helped us rethink our procedures, create the reporting methods that we still use to this day, and properly manage our projects. More than anything, she did more than just give us instructions to follow–she taught us how to be more efficient. And in that process, I came to grow dramatically in the company, from an assistant to a general manager. I can’t thank her enough.

Frank Berry, Southwinds Landscaping

Our CPA recommended The Robin Davis Co, to help us choose and migrate to a more sophisticated software system. My staff met with with Robin Davis and were very enthusiastic about getting started with her. I’m a busy entrepreneur with several businesses and I really don’t have much time to meet with consultants, but Robin refused to move forward until she personally met with me. Within the first five minutes of meeting with Robin she wowed me! Over the years, not only did Robin help me make decisions that helped me better manage my cash-flow and operations she also empowered us to make changes that made sense, and that we were comfortable with. She’s an essential member of my executive team and I highly trust and rely on her judgment and recommendations.

Larry Nodland

I hired Robin Davis to help us convert to the Timberline 2000 changeover. She initially just came in to set us up, but it didn’t take much for her to become an integral part of our team. She taught me so much about reports that I can now process reports and present internal financial statements consistently and reliably. Now, my bank and bonding agents love me because they know that my information is always reliable.


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